Broken Images

RADA Studios December 2021

Four women sat at their mirrors. The everyday routine mundanity of their lives. But underneath the actions, repetitive, learned, necessary, lurks the beginnings of doubt. Why are they here? Why are they speaking? Are they four women? Or one and the same?

Broken Images was a powerful, emotionally charged introspection into how trauma shapes us as human beings; taking inspiration from Webster's seminal The Duchess of Malfi and performed at RADA Studios, the show sought to strip back how language often functions to obfuscate truth, and how the narratives we tell ourselves may often exist as a way of coping with that which we cannot face.


I really enjoyed this piece. It was clearly performed, with nuanced, rich, writing that spoke towards a
sense of world-building beyond the immediate circumstances. As such it offered a rich theatrical juncture coming from the original play and I found it to be an insightful and successful response.

- Tom Hunsinger

Directed, written and performed by Reya Faine, Kelly Thurston, Safiyah Zanabi and Paloma Aznar