semblance of a woman


A bedroom. Midnight. Overthinking and projecting. Is there one woman…or two?

Exploring the intricacies of female and queer identity, semblance of a woman is an exciting piece of devised theatre that tackles the complexities of attraction. This is a show which firmly rejects the male gaze through the use of projections and movement, taking inspiration from the myths of Pygmalion, Medusa and the works of Sappho.

What does female desire look like? How do we recognise it when we have never seen it before?

Our show is first and foremost, about collaboration. We want to disrupt traditional actor/writer/director hierarchies and establish new and innovative ways of approaching the creation of performance. Our script and our staging has come about directly from this collaborative approach, and reflect the show’s focus on perspective. This is a play which defines one strict reading, which instead inhabits its ambiguities, offering different ways of seeing, rather than enforcing any fixed ideologies. The slippery, intangible concept of desire, and how we find it even in the most unlikely of places. As majority queer, female creators, it was important to us to be able to place these questions onstage, and explore how isolation can grow from a lack of self-acceptance. Our script is fluid, poetic, infused with the mythologies that inspired it, and we hope to forge a vision for how our literary past can inform our formulation of the contemporary moment.

Devised by Helen Baird, Emma Chatel, Reya Muller, Kelly Thurston and Isabelle Tyner 
Starring Helen Baird and Emma Chatel
★★★★ - The Indiependent

An enthralling Sapphic piece about the deepest crevices of a queer woman’s internal conflict...The characters more abstract conversations feel like the most tender passages of Sarah Kane.

★★★★ - Everything Theatre

A committed, boundary-pushing and ambitious debut production that harnesses the potential of theatre as a transformative force. This marks a promising start for Low Door Productions, a predominantly queer, female collective. Devised using a non-hierarchical approach, Semblance of a Woman defies the constraints of traditional theatrical norms, inviting audiences into an exploration of identity, love, and the essence of individuality that is untouched by the patriarchy.

Photos by Harriet Moore