The empty table

Taking its inspiration from the life and works of Christine de Pizan, a fifteenth century proto-feminist author, The Empty Table imagines a dark twist on her seminal work The Book of the City of Ladies, positioning Christine as the keeper of a ruined city, intended to shelter women throughout history, but which has lain dormant for centuries. Visited by a shadowy presence, Christine is taken on a journey to better understand the complexities of the female experience, confronted by visions which blur the line between herself, and those women she failed to protect.

First shot

"‘The Empty Table’ is a striking experimental film that forges an imaginative dialogue with its source text, Christine de Pizan’s The Book of The City of Ladies. The visual imagery is bold and inventive, from the choice of framing to the direction of light that casts the space with disquieting shadows."

- Paschalla Sharpe

Directed and written by Reya Faine


Cinematography and Music by Tom Muller


Starring Marianne James and Emma Chatel


Assistant Directed by Kelly Thurston